Sebastian Lopez

A well-kept secret, going from Chili to Saudi-Arabia without skipping Monaco, meet Sebastian Lopez. Sebastian knows how to transfer his incredible energy and his taste for performance improvement.

Since 2001, this Master practitioner is acclaimed from all four corners of the globe. His clients range from renown chefs, TV personalities, politicians and businessmen, all recognize in him an unprecedented talent.

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In 2007 he finds himself in Paris combining his former career as a sports coach, his passion for sport and his knowledge of nutrition. Sebastian knows that his specialized sessions need a little something extra to truly help his clientele. He discovers hypnosis, it’s a revelation.

All forms of Hypnosis interest him. He goes on to train with the best therapists in France (Hypnose Classique, Ericksonienne, Nouvelle, Humaniste, TSA). Sebastian realizes that hypnosis is one of the best vectors to help.

In 2010, he decides to export French know-how around Hypnosis and Hypnotism. In 2011, armed with his humanistic life principles and determined to share his experience in psychology and self-fulfillment, he creates the IIH (International Institute of Hypnosis).

Sebastian demonstrates his knowledge in mental preparation and in therapeutic hypnosis in a memoir “The Use of Hypnosis in Sports”.

Today, Sebastián LÓPEZ offers training in Hypnosis techniques throughout Latin America and in various European countries. He is regularly asked by the media (print, television, radio) to explain the effectiveness of his approach.

He regularly shares his know-how during internships and conferences on personal development and operates his own hypnotherapy clinic in Paris.






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